Mark Hammond wrote:
A quick search for "windows" doesn't show too many.  As far as I can tell,
all but 2 (1689 and 1728) are fixed with my patches.  I also note that my
patches have been sitting there for a number of months now - so I humbly
suggest the problem is not simply a lack of appropriate fixes :)

Yes, but it is a shortage of people knowledgeable enough to merge them ;-)

In my experience, that is not true. Zope on Windows is generally as stable
as Zope on any platform.

I'll second that.

* All Zope versions are clearly "broken" (as above) in fundamental (but
generally the same) ways on Windows, but the status of my patches as
"features" vs "bugfixes" is unclear - especially given my lack of
understanding of the culture or the Zope world beyond Plone.

They're bugfixes, I don't think anyone would complain if you fixed 2.7 AND 2.8 ;-)

I understand I could probably gain committer privileges but as mentioned, I
wouldn't quite know what to do with them if I did <wink>

Well, you could merge your patches. I suspect you're the only person knowledgeable and confident enough to do so. Many people would thank you for it though :-)



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