Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

It appears there is an assumption that merging Z2 and Z3 code within Z2
itself is an unmitigated good thing, but IMHO, each is complicated
enough in their own right that I'd personally prefer to be dealing with
one or the other at any given time and not both.  This isn't exactly
idle whining either, I need to do this when I maintain Z4I code, and
it's definitely not a walk in the park; it's moderately difficult to do
and also difficult find people who have the skills to help too.

Right on. Now, I have no idea how similar or different the Z3-Z2 marriage in 2.8 is to that unholy alliance that is used for Z4I, but working on it for Z4I is an exercise in frustration every time I had to do it.

If Z4I uses the Zope 2 -> Zope 3 interfaces compatibility package, then it's quite different. Let's just put it this way; I don't know anything about Z4I beyond the existence of this interface package, which is something I didn't like and didn't use in Five. The two technologies therefore appear quite distinct..

You can try Five with Zope 2.7 by downloading it, putting Zope X3.0's code on the python path, and starting Zope. We've already used Five in Zope 2.7, in a Silva, CPS and Plone context. These are complicated Zope 2 applications, and with Five installed, they remain working as before.


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