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No debate with doing an alpha, though. There are likely to be more kinks
to be worked out indeed.

I have update the 2.8 wiki with the planned release schedule.

Thanks! Looks good. I'll commit some time to make this work.

We must face that in practice most testing by the wider community will
happen *after* the release anyway. I also would like to add that core
Plone hackers, core Silva hackers, and core CPS hackers were all at the
sprint in Paris and *already* did significant testing. In addition, both
Nuxeo and Infrae are using Five in a number of a active development
projects at the moment, and Enfold has in fact already been in
*production* with Five since last year. This stuff is being tested.

You are arguing with the Z3/Five hat on. Having a reliable Zope 2.8 version
with MVCC support is much more important to most people than having a perfect Five support. So the primary goal of the Zope 2.8 release is to have a stable successor release for Zope 2.7.

True, MVCC is important and MVCC needs to be tested, but I believe unfortunately the best test for it will be in real world production use, and a release will happen before most people risk that...

I believe you'll find it interesting that there was a sprint full of people who were motivated to hack on Zope 2.8 because of the Zope 3 aspect, not the MVCC aspect. I myself proposed several times early in the week to go without Five, but people objected. I know I'm hard to trust as a source of this, as I have the 'Five hat' on, but it's so anyway. :)

I don't expect people will have a lot of time to do extensive testing
after the sprint, anyhow. Giving people more time to do testing won't
actually encourage them doing anything, as they can always wait until
later. Setting release dates is the best bet at getting people to do it.
Especially if we show we're committed.

I hope everyone is really commited. We'll see how far we can get with this approach.

I definitely hope people are indeed committed too. :)


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