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First off: I will go with Lennart's suggestion of branches;
I fundamentally agree; I have just never worked on a project where
branches for such petty things aren't overkill. I guess Zope is
a number of magnitudes larger. :)

Now sorry for the noise on zope-coders when this should have been on
zope-dev in the first place.

Now for some of the things that Florent pointed out:

also sprach Florent Guillaume <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2005.03.24.1814 +0100]:
> > -        if RESPONSE is not None:
> > +        if RESPONSE is not None and ob:
> You should check 'and ob is not None' too.

... but ob is false when it is None, no?

> But why could it be None ? What's the point (sorry I don't have
> context).

Well, I was trying to guard against errors made in other parts of
the code. I know I should not do this. It made things a lot easier
while I was preparing some other patches. Anyway, good thing
I haven't committed. :)

> > +            if not hasattr(ob, 'absolute_url'):
> Do not use hasattr for persistent objects. Use
>                if getattr(ob, 'absolute_url', None) is None:

Can I read up on the rationale somewhere?

> > +              raise TypeError('constructInstance did not return a CMF 
> > object.')
> Also, check your indentation (should be 4 chars).


> > -        return ob.getId()
> > +        return getattr(ob, 'id', None)
> Please don't do that, getId() is the proper API to call.

Another instance of "what to do when ob does not have an getId
method".. you are right, this is wrong.

also sprach Andreas Jung <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2005.03.25.0945 +0100]:
> For changes which are limited to a file or a subtree I do always
> prefer a patch instead of a branch.

I can create a branch and submit patches to you (this is when I wish
zope.org would be using GNU arch). Anyway, since it's probably best
for me not to make changes in the code at present time (being young
in the project and without an assigned field of responsibility),
where do I send potential patches? This list?

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