martin f krafft wrote:
Do not use hasattr for persistent objects. Use
              if getattr(ob, 'absolute_url', None) is None:

Can I read up on the rationale somewhere?

hasattr catches all exceptions and returns false. Now google for COnflictError ;-)

+ raise TypeError('constructInstance did not return a CMF object.')

Also, check your indentation (should be 4 chars).


You should probably run the unit tests before you commit anything.
That also means you should write tests to excercise the changes you're making, and make sure the tests fail BEFORE you try and fix anything.

For changes which are limited to a file or a subtree I do always
prefer a patch instead of a branch.

I can create a branch and submit patches to you (this is when I wish would be using GNU arch). Anyway, since it's probably best for me not to make changes in the code at present time (being young in the project and without an assigned field of responsibility), where do I send potential patches? This list?

Patches should go in collector entries.



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