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[Florian Schulze]
When you use svn:external, it will be copied as is to the tag, so when the
external files change, the files in the tag change as well. So a svn cp
would be better I guess.

When I make an SVN tag, like repos/main/ZODB/tags/3.4.0a1, the iron intent is that no changes will ever be checked in on that tag. Otherwise the tag would be useless (a tag is meant to capture a frozen point in time). So there's no particular danger in specifying an honest-to-gosh tag in an svn:externals block, although SVN doesn't enforce read-only-ness of tags.

If we're worried about that (I'm not), svn:externals also allows
specifying a specific revision number to fetch.  That should be

OTOH, over the next few days, while Jim and I are trying to get other
ZODB 3.4 changes made and merged in, it may actually be an advantage
to point to ZODB trunk directories, so that ZODB changes show up in
the Zope trunk at once too.  That's half of how it works in Zope 2.7
(there, changes checked in from anywhere show up everywhere at once).

That was what I wanted to point out, you have to be sure that the svn:external in the tag is pointing to the specific tag in the ZODB trunk. I made that mistake once and justed wanted to warn about it.

Florian Schulze

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