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Jim Fulton wrote:

Martijn Faassen wrote:
Right, lib/python/zope is actually Zope X3.0.0, and we didn't expect
we'd need to *update* Zope X3.0 in order for it to work with Zope 2.8.
The new ZODB version is having some repercussions there. Zope X3.0 was
released against an older version of ZODB. I'm really at a loss at
what to do there.

Perhaps we should make a X3.0.1. This is fairly long overdue anyway.

Alternatively, we could make a branch for use in 2.8.  I don't
think this would really be a problem.

We already have one:  it was needed in order to remove the "excess"
packages (the ones tagged as being in X3.0, without actually being
installed by the zpkg stuff).

You want to do the get_transaction() changes on that then, and not on the ZopeX3.0 branch proper?

I can spend time trying to shut up Zope X3 I guess, if that
is the only option...

Adding the required methods to the thingy should
take less than an hour, I think.

I'm not following this. What required methods with what I thought we were talking about ZODB 3.4 related changes here.


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