Florent Guillaume wrote:
Well of course no, but I never had to check a getObject() against Unauthorized. Maybe it's because I only use it in a CMF setting where unaccessible objects are filtered anyway.

Maybe, but CMF isn't the only use of Zope ;-)

OTOH you're a bit excessive in your "Whole array of possible distinct errors".

Not really. I want to know the difference between:

- unauthorized: my object has problems and probably needs its permissions fixing

- not found: I want to know why an object is indexed that doesn't exist and fix that

- other random error: damn, big problems with catalog, need to post to lists

In all three cases, knowing the type of error and getting a sensible traceback in my logs is infinitely more useful than a random...

AttributeError: None has no attribute x

...error at some point in the future, which may be no-where near the actual catalog search.



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