I didn't know about that hook, but from reading the code it seems it takes place before publishing, not after.

There's the recent post_traverse hook too, but that's not what I want.


Chris McDonough wrote:
When do you think it should be called?  I just had to override
zpublisher_validated_hook to do some stuff that would have been a bit
easier if a different hook existed, but that might be a different use

On Fri, 2005-04-01 at 10:48, Florent Guillaume wrote:

I really could use a post publishing hook.
Standard use case: delay indexing at the end of the request to only do it once per object even if the object has been modified 4 times.

Today there's the REQUEST._hold() hack with an instance having a __del__, but this gets executed outside the main transaction, and REQUEST is already dying.

I'd like a post-publishing hook that's called in the initial REQUEST and transaction.

Open issues are:
1. what if there's an exception in the hook? I'd say log it but that's all.
2. what if there's a Conflicterror? That's tougher to deal with... The transaction has to be retried, without the user being aware of it, so it means the hook should probably be called *before* things are sent to the browser.

What do you think?


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