Good evening(or morning?);-),
I am just wondering if any of you have such installation, I am having problems with OS X because of Zope behaviour of HTTPRequest and it uses for FieldStorage which in turn uses TemporaryFile. I need responses only from people that have OS X 10.3.8, zope 2.7+ mounted via mount_webdav... I wish to cross notes before nuking my installation and redoing the install, testing for the bug and filing it with apple.
Problem is that when using mount_webdav agains zope, mount_webdav is much too verbose and requests status for every entity in the directory, invoking HTTPRequest and thus creating at least one temporary file per listed. When sporradically browsing the mount point, zope comes in conflict with some internal locks on the filesystem access that webdav places...
that is speculation from my experience. Open call never returns, I have made tracebacks when the system stalls. Zope administrator process kill the instance that does not respond to however it is being queried being alive .. but its gone into the kernel and no threads are running, so it is killed off and new instance of zope satisfies the webdav request minuetes later ... everything comes back to life...
I think I will modify and release a patch so it does not use disk based files maybe just pseudo memory files.

So please post if you run zope and os x with webdav mount in tandem please...
much thanks,
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