Florent Guillaume wrote:
I really could use a post publishing hook.
Standard use case: delay indexing at the end of the request to only do it once per object even if the object has been modified 4 times.

Today there's the REQUEST._hold() hack with an instance having a __del__, but this gets executed outside the main transaction, and REQUEST is already dying.

I'd like a post-publishing hook that's called in the initial REQUEST and transaction.

I haven't been folowing this thread, so I asked Gary what it was about. :)

Based on that, I'd like to suggest:

There are two possibilities:

1. A post publishing hook.  I think this would be appropriate
   in the case where you really want to augment the publishing
   process.  For example, I hpe someday to use something like
   this to provide another way (other than metal) to provide
   standard look and feel.

   Unfortunately, I think there are a lot of open issues, at least
   in my mind, about how something like this should work.

2. A pre-commit hook.  I think your use case fits this much better.
   We've thought about this for some time. In fact, I've talked about
   it enough that I thought we already had this, but we don't.

   I think this is the way to go for your use case.

   I'll post a proposal on the zodb-dev list.


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