[Christian Theune]
>> d) I have no idea about zopectl on windows. Is there some knowledge
>>    around on this?

[Mark Hammond]
> I recall a message from Tim saying it has never worked and probably never
> will.

Well, everything that builds on zdaemon is Unix-specific --  the
underlying machinery uses stuff like this freely and ubiquitously:

+ Unix domain sockets.

+ os.fork()

+ The signals signal.SIGTERM, signal.SIGHUP, signal.SIGINT, and
   signal.SIGCHLD, with Unix semantics.

If nothing else, it's a wonderful demonstration of how core Python
allows writing wholly platform-specific code.

> IIUC correctly, its functionality isn't as desired on Windows due to
> the service support.

Unix-heads certainly want it anyway; Windows-heads aren't used to
anything better than the Windows services API, so they don't even
bring it up.

> Enfold has a simple log rotation strategy I have detailed in a previous mail 
> to
> this list, and we will contribute code shortly.

Check it in too!  Nobody is volunteering to look at your patches, and
they're important.  I can't make time for it myself (would if I

> I have on my todo list for the next week (or 2) to steer through my service
> changes on both the 2.7 and 2.8 brances as discussed here recently.  If that
> goes well, the Zope3 trunk will get a look-in too :)

The Zope3 Windows installers to date are produced via "setup.py
bdist_wininst", and that's all.  No Windows service support, no
bundling of Python, no bundling of win32all, ..., the Zope3 Windows
story really has nothing in common with Zope2's so far.  That's a
discussion for zope3-dev, though.

> Printing-the-contrib-form-now ly,

Thank you.  Poor Mark <0.5 wink>.
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