Richard Jones wrote:

Is this a general trend for Zope 2? I'd rather see Zope 2 kinda avoid ZCML if possible.

The Five integration philosophy at least, is that it makes use of ZCML *possible* in Zope 2, but not at all mandatory. Five tries to mess with
the innards of Zope 2 as much as possible, because it's complicated enough to add Zope 3 to Zope 2 already; we don't want to worry about changing Zope 2 (or Zope 3).

Zope 2.9 has traditionally been seen as a version of Zope 2 where the innards *will* change to integrate deeper into Zope 3. Five's philosophy makes it impossible to do certain kinds of Zope 3 integration with Zope 2, such as security in particular. Though in fact I'm surprised how much *is* already possible given the limitations Five has; I think that's an interesting finding.

Anyway, you might want to give Five a spin one day. Perhaps you'll change your mind about ZCML. Five introduces Zope 3 concepts more gradually to the Zope 2 hacker than Zope 3 itself, so it may be less overwhelming; Zope 3 certainly sometimes tends to overwhelm me, still.


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