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and again, I got to complain about building Zope on Windows. This time
it's the 2.8 branch again with the 2.8b1 release.

It looks like the WinBuilders aren't taken care for at all. The ZClass
tests didn't got into the procedure of getting packaged so I had to copy
those files manually for running the tests. Then the doctest module
doesn't comply with platform independent handling of path names using
'variable.split("/")' and relatives.

The now running tests fail pretty much in various places (Catalog,
ZODB, ...)

I'm not able to do any work on this as I'm lacking time. I took the job
of building the releases as long as it's pressing the "do it now button"
and running the tests seeing them pass. I did not take the job of
cleaning up Zope for Windows. The WinBuilders are a really annoying
thing, I'm glad they went away for Zope3.

To notice: Zope 2.8a1 has not been available as Windows release and
neither will be 2.8b1. You really want to blindly go forward for an RC
not having a single external user running any 2.8 release at all?

I'm pretty annoyed right now.


I wanted to look a bit into this, but quickly ran into problems. I checked out WinBuilders and Zope 2.8. I was easily able to use inst/configure.py and nmake to compile and install Zope. But how do I generate the Zope.tgz needed for WinBuilders? Will WinBuilders work with InnoSetup 5.0.8?

Florian Schulze

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