[Christian Theune]
> and again, I got to complain about building Zope on Windows.
> This time it's the 2.8 branch again with the 2.8b1 release.
> It looks like the WinBuilders aren't taken care for at all.

AFAIK, nobody looks at WinBuilders between releases.  It's
traditionally been the job of whoever builds the Windows installer to
sort out whatever troubles WinBuilders has gotten into since the last
release.  Certainly most Linux contributors aren't even aware of
WinBuilder's existence.

> The ZClass tests didn't got into the procedure of getting packaged
> so I had to copy those files manually for running the tests. Then
> the doctest module doesn't comply with platform independent
> handling of path names using 'variable.split("/")' and relatives.
> The now running tests fail pretty much in various places (Catalog,
> ZODB, ...)

What exactly do you do to "run tests"?  This is exactly what I do:

svn up
python setup.py build_ext -i
python test.py -vv --all

The same two tests have been failing on Windows that way since last
October, but all other tests pass.

BTW, I don't have a guess about what your doctest complaint is. 
Since, e.g., all the doctest-based tests _do_ pass from a checkout,
hard to guess what you're saying there.  It's documented that, e.g.,
relative paths passed to DocFileSuite must use '/' as the path
separator, and AFAIK all the code that's checked in does do that.  I
don't know of any other piece of doctest that cares about path

> I'm not able to do any work on this as I'm lacking time. I took the
> job of building the releases as long as it's pressing the "do it now
> button"

Or in the case of WinBuilders, a few dozen buttons, shell scripts,
makefiles, and tricks building on 1.6 gigabytes of Cygwin code <wink>.

> and running the tests seeing them pass. I did not take the job of
> cleaning up Zope for Windows. The WinBuilders are a really
> annoying thing, I'm glad they went away for Zope3.

Came with costs too, though.  For example, Zope3 on Windows doesn't
include Python, doesn't include the Python Windows extensions, and
comes with no support for running as a Windows service.  You might
think that people who value that stuff would contribute something
toward making it happen, but in project after project in the Open
Source world it's difficult to attract Windows contributors.

> To notice: Zope 2.8a1 has not been available as Windows release
> and neither will be 2.8b1. You really want to blindly go forward for
> an RC not having a single external user running any 2.8 release
> at all?

I suspect it's worse than just that.  When the two tests in collector
1728 started failing last October on Windows, I noted at the time that
"FYI, on WinXP, Zope 2.8 appears to use localhost no matter what
ip-address is set to in zope.conf".  No reason to suspect that got
better, since the two failing tests that inspired that little
investigation are still failing.

> I'm pretty annoyed right now.
> Cheers,

I just liked the contrast in those two lines <wink>.
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