>>>> 2. Which Python do you use to run bin\test.py?  I hope you're using
>>>>    bin\python.exe for that attempt anyway.

>>> The one test.py refers to. (Yep, still tapping around blindly.)

>> I'm not following.  "#!" lines don't mean anything on Windows, and

> I think cygwin does. But still you're right. I'll refer to it explicitly
> in the future.

Yes, cygwin pays attention to #!, but we _certainly_ don't want to
test the code going into the Windows installer using Cygwin's Python
-- the Windows installer installs an entirely different Python (Zope2
repackages and installs the native Windows Python from python.org). 
That's why it's a good idea too to do all testing from a DOS box;
getting any part of Cygwin into the testing means it's testing stuff
we're not shipping.

[on a WinBuilder subdirectory]
> I'm just trying to get that stuff working at least once, then I'll drop
> it in.

Good plan.

>> Someone with setup.py courage needs to step up to the plate then.  The
>> [...] possibly work either so long as setup.py neglects to install necessary
>> files.
> Yuppie did

That's not my understanding.  My understanding (confirmed by
eyeballing the checkins) is that Yuppie changed setup.py to add some
test files used by ZClasses and ZODB, but left the failing tests in
the Zope3 part of the code broken.  I expect setup.py needs more
changes to get those working.

> so I'll push out the stuff I have now.

Good enough for now, I agree.

> Andreas: Can you please consider a beta2 instead of a rc as the next
> step? Thanks.

I would if I were him.

> I promise to try running the test before the tag then.

It probably helps if you're in the same time zone as Andreas.  He
always does things half a day before the earliest I expect him to do
them <0.9 wink>.
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