Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Right. Here's what we could do:

1. Copy Five's interface definitions over to Zope 2.8 (mostly to OFS.interfaces, I guess) where they are added as Zope 2 interfaces

I would prefer to reserve the name 'interfaces' for Zope 3 interfaces. So far ZopeTestCase is the only package in Zope 2.8 that uses 'interfaces' for Zope 2 interfaces.

2. Keep Five's (redudant) interface definitions. They can stay at their status quo (status Zope 2.7, that is).

3. Add <five:bridge /> calls for every interface so that Five's interfaces are automatically kept up-to-date with the Zope 2.8 ones. The bridges would override the ones defined in the module, potentially updating with newer definitions. The only thing that we need to take care of is fallback for Zope 2.7 where the Zope 2 interfaces don't exist yet.

Would this work: Instead of modifying Five at all, could we just add zcml files to the Zope 2.8 packages with Zope 2 interfaces and override the interfaces in Five.interfaces?

If you want to do this, yuppie, feel free to do it. I would even be ok for this to be done for the 1.0 branch, provided you also add it on the trunk.

If I need to change something in Five: Do I need additional checkin rights on codespeak, or will my kupu login work?



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