Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Martijn Faassen wrote:

So you would have the Zope 2.8 interfaces exist in the Five.interfaces module?

Well, no. Five.interfaces would stay as it is; it seems to be pretty accurate
for Zope 2.7 (especially with yuppie's fixes, which should be merged to the
Five-1.0 branch, btw).

Some interfaces were added to Zope 2.8 and it would make sense to manage all of
them in the Zope tree for the future, not the Five tree. However, when run
within Zope 2.8, we want Five.interfaces to be most accurate, so we would
install bridges in Zope 2.8 that bridge the Zope 2.8 interfaces to
Five.interfaces. At least that was yuppie's latest idea andI think it's

Well. This was not my *latest* idea. I tried to implement it that way, but that approach has some limitations:

- While we want to get rid of z2 interfaces in the long run, this requires to add z2 interfaces to Zope.

- You did use schema fields for the z3 interfaces. Backporting these interfaces to z2 interfaces is a regression.

- It's not as easy to import bridged interfaces as to import static interfaces. We have to make sure they are already created.

Please see me new proposal, posted today.

Cheers, Yuppie

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