Hi Philipp!

Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
yuppie wrote:

Seriously, you should merge your r11978 to the Five-1.0 branch.0

Martijn was faster than I thought :( I'll follow up to this in an other mail.

I don't think we need to break backward compatability. We would just need to deprecate the Five.interfaces location.

Basically, the goals are:

* The solution needs to work with Zope 2.7
* Preferrably, the interface import spelling should be equal on both
  systems (which means a monkey on 2.7 is probably inevitable).
* On 2.8 we want to have definitions of the z3-style interfaces in the
  Zope tree.
* Five.interfaces and OFS.interfaces.*, etc. need to contain
  the exact *same* interfaces (same, not equal) on both systems at all

That's the point I missed!

So we just need code like this at the end of Five.interfaces:

    # override IObjectManager with Zope 2.8 interface
    from OFS.interfaces import IObjectManager
except ImportError:
    # monkey patch Zope 2.7 OFS


* Five.interfaces should be deprecated as an import location in the long

Fine. I no longer think we need to break backward compatibility.



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