Hi Mark!

Mark Hammond wrote:
On Windows, this 15 months old change in ZConfig sets the default
hostname for inet_address to 'localhost':


So if nobody can tell me why ZConfig was changed, I propose to

That sounds good to me, as I can't understand why Windows would be different
here either.

I'm sure you know Windows much better than I, so it's good to know that you don't understand that either.

While looking at this, I stumbled across the following code in

        ## AJ: We change 'localhost' to '' to force Medusa to use
        ## any network interface instead of using only This is
        ## a not totally clean solution :-/ See also Collector #1507.
        if os.name == 'posix' and 'localhost' in hostname.lower():
            hostname = ''

2 things struck me:
* 'localhost' in hostname.lower() appears odd - I would expect ==.
* that we probably want to do that for windows too

As the comments explicitly reference 1507 and the code references
'localhost', it may be worth examining too.

Well. I also stumbled over that code, but after looking at it for a while I realized get_default_host_info() is never called. So I'll remove those lines, not fix them ;)



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