Hi all,

Wonderful product, more than appreciate all the hard work that has been put 
into Zope and all the various products that are out there.

Came across a small issue, and wrote a quick patch for it.  Didn't know who to 
send it to, so I thought I'd send it here.

When creating a new zope instance, using mkzopeinstance.py, and having my files 
under Subversion, copyzopeskel.py also took across my .svn directories.  So I 
created the small patch below to stop that.  Makes it a little more flexible 
for adding in new types, and since you've switched to Subversion anyways, makes 
sense to add it in there.

Again, thanks for your time,

Dale Hirt

Index: copyzopeskel.py
--- copyzopeskel.py     (revision 30342)
+++ copyzopeskel.py     (working copy)
@@ -186,12 +186,12 @@
         print >>sys.stderr, msg
-CVS = os.path.normcase("CVS")
+CVS_DIRS = [os.path.normcase("CVS"), os.path.normcase(".svn")]
 def copydir((targetdir, replacements, uid, gid), sourcedir, names):
     # Don't recurse into CVS directories:
     for name in names[:]:
-        if os.path.normcase(name) == CVS:
+        if os.path.normcase(name) in CVS_DIRS:
         elif os.path.isfile(os.path.join(sourcedir, name)):
             # Copy the file:
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