Paul Winkler wrote:
On Fri, May 27, 2005 at 09:25:58AM -0400, Jim Fulton wrote:

Tim Peters wrote:

OTOH, defining & importing a utility function-- say, safehasattr()
--would make it all explicit. That's what ZODB does.


(BTW, I just went grepping for this safehasattr() in zope 2.7.6's
ZODB and didn't find anything. What's it called?)
There are ~700 calls to hasattr() currently in the Zope core (ouch!). Are there cases where the current use of hasattr() is considered safe?
Or since it's "broken by design",  should we replace all 700
calls with this hypothetical safe_hasattr()?

While we're on the subject, the other day Dieter Maurer was complaining that:

An incredibly long time ago, I filed a feature request for "hasattr_unacquired" -- together with patch, unit tests and documentation update. I am convinced that such a function in the DTML namespace (and therefore always available in restricted code) would be much clearer than the "aq_inner.aq_explicit" dance. But, unfortunately, the Zope developers decided not to accept my patch or the "hasattr_unacquired" idea and instead made "aq_inner" accessible by untrusted code. A bad decision! As a consequence, you see the nasty code. """

I'm sure this was an unintentional non-acceptance.  It would be
a lot easier if Dieter became a contributor and checked this in
himself.  I'd be happy to see Dieter's patch accepted.

So, assuming we add a safe_hasattr() function, maybe it could take an extra keyword arg?

something like:

def safe_hasattr(obj, attr, acquired=True, _marker=[]):
    if not acquired:
        obj = aq_inner(aq_explicit(obj))
    return getattr(obj, attr, _marker) is not _marker

I'd rather have 2 separate functions.

BTW, I prefer to code things like this in the following way:

  def safe_hasattr():
      marker = object()

      def safe_hasattr(obj, attr):
          return getattr(obj, attr, marker) is not marker

      return safe_hasattr

  safe_hasattr = safe_hasattr()

This way, there aren't any extra arguments or funny
globals to confuse matters.  (I've seen code that broke
because people tried to reuse marker definitions accross

BTW, I think this function or something like it should be
added to the Python standard library.  Anybody want to
try to get it into 2.5?


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