[Andreas Jung]
> I thought Fred hooked zdaemon and ZConfig already as external definition.
> But apparently this happened only for ZConfig.

That's correct; nothing about zdaemon has changed yet.  Back on 13 May:

>> The first time ZConfig and zdaemon get tagged, it's important that
>> whoever do that first search all clients (ZODB and both Zopes) for
>> changes to those checked in from a wrong project, and do merges back
>> to ZConfig and zdaemon (I explained that dance last time) -- else
>> those changes (if any) will get lost.

> That's a job for loosers :-) but I will take it over for ZConfig and
> ZDaemon.. maybe not for the next beta but hopefully for the final
> for 2.8.1 release.

so I thought you would be doing this.  Fred fixed a bug in ZConfig
since then, and "did the right thing" to get it fixed everywhere.  The
same hasn't been done for zdaemon yet, and I'm sure Fred won't be
doing it.

If it *had* been done already, SVN would not have allowed you to check
in a change to zdaemon made from Zope, forcing you to make the change
in the right place (i.e., in zdaemon) instead.
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