[Eric Brun]
|> Houston, we've got big a problem !
> Here is the traceback in ZEO_EVENTS.log:
> ...
> CorruptedDataError: 968647571
> "
> And I can't pack the zodb, ...

Packing is the last thing you should be trying when you have
corruption.  There's no mechanical, safe way to recover.  Please read


and start by using fstest, then fsrefs, as described there.

> I run  Zope 2.6.2 , ZEO 2 and ZODB 3.1

Just noting that it's harder to get help with old releases.

> I have tried to do a fsrecover, it removes a transaction. Then when I tried 
> to lunch
> a pack,

Packing isn't an error recovery procedure.

> I've got a very strange error about unpickling :

That suggests object pickles are corrupt too; fstest can't discover
that, and fsrecover can't repair that.  fsrefs _may_ (or may not) be
provoked into complaining, or even crashing, by it.

> "Error unpickling, ((UBTrees._IIBTreeqU... [lots of gibberish] ...
> I try to copyTransaction in a new Storage but it failed too.

This is a surprise <wink>?  Seriously, "garbage in, garbage out"
applies here.  The garbage has to be repaired first.

> This is a production site.
> My last backup which is not corrupted date of Sunday morning !

Since fsrecover didn't work for you, you need to learn more about the
nature of the damage.  fstest, fsrefs, and fsdump are the basic tools
to start figuring that out.
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