> Packing is the last thing you should be trying when you have
> corruption. 

In fact I discover the corruption during the pack.

 There's no mechanical, safe way to recover.  Please read
> this:
>     http://zope.org/Wikis/ZODB/FileStorageBackup

This is a great document. I think the origin of the corruption is my RAID 
controler so I have ask to the server owner to switch for a new server.

> and start by using fstest, then fsrefs, as described there.

> > I run  Zope 2.6.2 , ZEO 2 and ZODB 3.1
> Just noting that it's harder to get help with old releases.

I have mount my zodb on a Zope2.7.6 and I'm working on this release to solve my 

fstest say all is ok.
fsrefs say that :
oid 0x37d8e5 BTrees._IIBTree.IIBTree
last updated: 2005-05-28 15:48:11.159195, tid=0x35D95942F9CD111L
refers to invalid object:
        oid 0x5d4787 missing: 'BTrees._IIBTree.IIBucket'

oid 0x37d8ec BTrees._IOBTree.IOBucket
last updated: 2005-05-07 00:56:12.524043, tid=0x35D1BF8356F9844L
refers to invalid object:
        oid 0x39c22b missing: 'BTrees._IIBTree.IIBTree'


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