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> ...
> Uppsss...my *big* mistake. Both the milestone plan and my iCAL calendar
> have an entry 2005/06/11 for 2.8 final but somehow I had in my mind I would
> release  2.8 final two weeks after b2 and not three weeks as planned :-/
> So let's stick to the published schedule ...so everyone has one more week.
> Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks, I like that better.  I'll arrange to make and get ZODB 3.4
final into this over the coming week.

Something still "needs to be done" about the Windows release process
here.  It looks like a Windows installer never got built for 2.8b2:


Since Windows users never got to try 2.8b2, I'm not sure where the
idea that the Windows problems have been fixed comes from (I realize
some tests pass that used to fail on Windows -- users trying it is a
much better "test case" <wink>).

I'm trying to build a 2.8b2 installer now, and will upload it if/when
that succeeds.  First snag:  the 2.8b2 tag was made with the
WinBuilders part still pointing at Zope 2.8b1, so it wasn't possible
to create a 2.8b2 Windows installer from the 2.8b2 tag.  So that part
of the release process also needs work.  Does anyone believe that
they're "in charge" of the Windows part of the Zope2 line?  Someone
identifiable needs to be; I can only volunteer time here because it's
a weekend & I don't happen to have any urgent ZODB or ZRS bugs to
stare at today.

Later:  Zope-2.8.0-b2-win32.exe is built now, and after some more
testing I'll upload it to


Windows users please give this a try -- it's your last (and in some
sense, also your first <wink>) chance to try "the real" Zope 2.8 on
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