[Michael Haubenwallner, tries Zope-2.8.0-b2-win32.exe from
> Just tried that on my Win2K Laptop - after starting "runzope.bat" is was
> presented with a windows alert box and no startup messages written to
> the command window. It took me some time to realize that Zope was
> already running. Login is possible and ZMI is working ok.
> Here is some data for you (especially the Alert-box content):
> http://www.zope.org/Members/d2m/zope-2.8.0-b2_windows/startup.txt


Windows Alert-Box (translated from German):
"?PyWinObject_AsDEVMODE@@YAHPAU_object@@PAPAU_devicemodeA@@[EMAIL PROTECTED]" 
found in DLL "pywintypes23.dll"

there almost certainly means that Zope is picking up an unintended
(old) version of pywin32 (also known as win32all, especially older
versions).  For example, if you have your own Python installation
(apart from the one Zope ships with), and installed win32all for it,
it appears hard to stop Zope's Python from finding that one instead of
the pywin32 Zope ships with.

> http://www.zope.org/Members/d2m/zope-2.8.0-b2_windows/event.log
> The 'signal handler' problem seems to persist.

By this I think you mean these kinds of lines in your event.log:

2005-06-04T19:07:12 WARNING Z2 Can not install signal handlers.  Please
   install (or upgrade) your pywin32 installation

I believe that's also a consequence of Zope's Python picking up an
unintended, old version of pywin32.

The good (or maybe just ironic <wink>) news is that appears to allow
Zope to at least start.  If you uninstalled all older versions of
pywin32/win32all, I bet you'd get the same result I got (Zope _would_
try to install signal handlers then, and Zope startup would die as a

Thanks for trying it!
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