> [Tim Peters, having trouble with 2.8b2 on Windows, ending with
> >
> Files\Zope-2.8.0-b2\lib\python\Signals\WinSignalHandler.py", line 203,
> > in registerHandler
> >    hevent = win32event.CreateEvent(sa, 0, 0, event_name)
> > TypeError: The object is not a PySECURITY_ATTRIBUTES object

That sounds alot like duplicate copies of pywintypes23.dll have been loaded
into the process, with the module 'pywintypes' being one instance explicitly
loaded by Python, and the other being implicitly loaded by win32event.pyd
etc dependencies.


I've managed to reproduce this, and that does seem to be the problem.  I
think it will only happen when you have an existing pywintypes23.dll in your

A work-around is to ensure pywintypes is the first win32 module imported.
I've attached a patch (SVN seems down at the moment) which seems to work for
me.  I'll try and come up with a decent fix for pywin32, but the patch
should be fine to get this release out.

[Actually, I'll just forward the patch to Tim.  I've checked it in to 2.7.]


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