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[Tim Peters]
There's a (another) new Zope-2.8.0-b2-win32.exe available for download


and all Windows users are urged to try it.  I don't know whether it
will help with error popups if you happen to have an older (than build
204) version of pywin32/win32all installed, but it does repair the
catastrophic problems with PySECURITY_ATTRIBUTES on my box.

[Andreas Jung]
"Run Zope in console" fails for me with "application has failed to start
because pywintypes23.dll was not found..."

Works for me (WinXP Pro SP2), although it's saner to open a DOS box,
cd to your instance's bin/ directory, and type "runzope" there (I
don't know why we install a "Run Zope in console" link -- I can't
imagine that any serious user would start Zope that way, because the
teensy DOS box it pops up simply vanishes if anything goes wrong).

Same result...

Please check the md5 on the installer you used, to make sure it's the
_current_ installer.  It should be

$ md5sum Z*
fb9aec9e3a0e5b3487752d5b7b798df6 *Zope-2.8.0-b2-win32.exe

That's what I have. My box (vmware) is pretty much a new XP installation with no old Python installation except a local Zope installation which its own Python (but not registered anywhere in the registry).


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