[Michael Haubenwallner, to Andreas Jung]
> Must be yesterdays version then (i had just that error message, after
> removing an ancient pywintypes23.dll from C:\WINNT\system32).
> There are 2 pywintypes23.dlls now:
> $ZOPE_HOME\bin\PyWinTypes23.dll
> $ZOPE_HOME\bin\Lib\site-packages\pywin32_system32\pywintypes23.dll
> Zope starts fine now (although there are no messages in the console
> window anymore).

Ya, I noticed that too.  I don't know what's _intended_ here.  The
instance's event.log and Z2.log appear to be fine, and event.log in
particular shows that you can shut down Zope cleanly now by hitting
Ctrl+C in the DOS box from which you launched Zope; e.g.,


2005-06-05T13:44:39 INFO ZServer HTTP server started at Sun Jun 05 13:44:39 2005
        Hostname: FATDESK
        Port: 8080
2005-06-05T13:44:41 INFO Zope Ready to handle requests

[... here I played with Zope for a brief time, then hit Ctrl+C ...]

2005-06-05T13:46:01 INFO WinSignalHandler Caught signal SIGINT
2005-06-05T13:46:01 INFO Z2 Shutting down
2005-06-05T13:46:01 INFO ZServer closing HTTP to new connections
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