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On Friday 17 June 2005 07:16, Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:

Then when I look at the members of the Plone foundation (
http://plone.org/foundation/about/board/list ) I only see companies,
except that ZC is not represented. So even if every member gets a vote, how much does that vote count in the development process of Zope2, CMF
and Zope3 ?

Ugh, I hope I misread this. If the foundation or any other instituation ever influences the Zope 3 development process, I will not contribute any more. I rather have ZC-centric development platform and the freedom to choose what to do for a release (in agreement with the other Z3-core developers) than a vender-independent foundation with a foundation-driven development cycle.

In the case of the Plone Foundation, the PF is specifically excluded from the development process of the community. Its mandate is limited to organizational issues.

Other foundations approach things a bit differently. (I did quite a bit of research on this for the Plone Foundation.)

Also, I agree with Andreas and Philipp that developers should be members, not companies. Otherwise, how could I, as an independent developer, have a say?
BTW, this is also positive for companies, since they can have several
developers being members. In the proposed scenario, my one-man shop would have a lot of power compared to larger companies, such as ZC, Nuxeo, etc.

Correct. The essential ingredient, and hardest one for the different cultures of different communities, is to establish the definition of merit. Is it only code? If so, how much and what kind? If not, what else is valuable?

Most of the successful communities have a (subjective) definition of merit, used to evaluate membership.


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