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Andreas Jung wrote:

Depending on how Zope 3.2 will be released it would be cool to have
2.9 shipped with Zope 3.2. I don#t know about the 3.2 release
schedule. Possibly we could focus on a 2.9 release in fall

I don't expect Zope 3.2 will be released by october. Jim is talking about
a 6 month release schedule for Zope 3 last I heard, and 3.1 is not even
out yet. I don't think we should hold up Zope 2.9 by waiting for Zope 3
versions, just like we haven't done so with Zope 2.8, which otherwise
still would remain unreleased.

I think the decision could be made short before the release. If 2.9 takes longer than expected and when you guys have Five 1.X for Zope 3.2 then we can include it or ship 2.8 with Five 1.1 and Zope 3.1...I assume that is not such a big task to exchange the Five and Zope 3 code in the Zope 2.9 core.

Yes, I agree we should make this decision before the release. Not shortly before the release, but some months before the date for which the release is planned.

I want the Zope 2.9 release to be planned, so that issues like "taking longer than expected" will be less likely. So based on that and on the idea we want to do a Zope 2.9 release late this year, I just think it's unrealistic there'll be a Zope 3.2 release before then. Something may always drastically change though and we should be open to that. What I just want to avoid is having a situation where the Zope 2.9 release is *waiting* for a Zope 3.2 release.


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