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I'll just remind everybody that, starting with Zope 2.9 and Zope 3.2,
we are switching to time based, rather than feature-based releases.
We will make feature releases of Zope 2 and Zope 3 every 6 months,
starting this December.  I suggest a manditory feature freeze
at the beginning of the previous month, so November 1 for the next


 > I have some ideas:

* newer version of Five included (whatever version is current then)

* Zope 3.1 included

Actually, Zope 3.2.  Zope 3.2 and 2.9 will be released together,
There is no need for Zope 2 to be a release behind in it's Zope 3

If the time based release planning works for Zope 3, fine.

It will. I insist. :)

> I just want
to avoid a situation where Zope 2.9 has to wait a long time for a Zope 3.2 release. I'd rather have a release out with Zope 3.1 before then.

This may actually indicate we need a Zope 2.9 release in the nearer future which just focuses on including Zope 3.1, and planning for a Zope 2.10 release with 3.2 later. This would break time-releasedness for Zope 2.9, in that we could have it in, say, 3 months, though. I need to think this through.

If people insist on this, I'll go along, but I'd really rather not do

Let's start the 6-month schedule now and commit to time-based releases.

If we do do a 2.9 release earlier just to get Zope 3.1, then I
still want to stick to a december release for the next
Zope zope release.

Further, we will coordinate the releases.  Essentially, *Zope*
is switching to a new release schedule. Zope will be released every 6 months and the releases will be in two parts, a Zope 2 part that includes the current Zope 3 and a Zope 3 part.

I am worried about the interdependency of these releases causing delays, but I am also sure we can avoid this with good planning.

We have to.  If, by some cance we screw this up in december,
then we'll have to move the feature freeze date up relative to the final

Let's try really hard to make this time-based release idea


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