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I'll just remind everybody that, starting with Zope 2.9 and Zope 3.2,
we are switching to time based, rather than feature-based releases.
We will make feature releases of Zope 2 and Zope 3 every 6 months,
starting this December.  I suggest a manditory feature freeze
at the beginning of the previous month, so November 1 for the next

Switching to a time-base schedule is a good thing but several things should be taken into account from the point as release manager slave:

- the trunk is no longer a development area. Developments must happen on branches and will be merged into the trunk as soon as the stuff is stable. I won't be acceptable to have half-baked stuff in the trunk. This will hold up the release schedule.

- people *must* show *more commitment*. If there are outstanding issues then I do expect that the people in charge work on the resolution in time - this means for me not weeks or months. From my work over the last two years or so I can only say that it is a *very big* pain to run after people to get things fixed. There are some code parts e.g. the ZODB which are known in detail to a handful of persons. I do expect a commitment from these people and especially from the companies these people work for to get a certain amount of resources to help resolve outstanding issues - but not resolving issues somehow but in time.


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