Florent Guillaume wrote:
Just an idea: One thing that would be interesting and increase the Z3 compatibility
is to use traversing adapters, and then, of course, make a default
adapter that implements Zope2 traversing for objects that does not
have a traversing adapter.

Stupid or brilliant? :)

I know Florent had some ideas of doing this integration too. It's an interesting idea.

That said, I don't think we should add this to Zope 2.9, unless a developer gets really enthusiastic in the near future and takes responsibility for this.

My idea was to do a big cleanup of Zope 2's traversal mechanisms. The
problem is that it will by necessity get rid some of the idiosyncrasies
(read: cruft and incoherences) of the current one, and in the process
probably break stuff. Which means it has to be optional, which adds even
more complexity to the code :( So in the end the realities of backward
compatibility are a big hurdle.

Yes, this is hard, but we need to do things like this.  In the short term,
it make make the code uglier, due to the backward compatibility
code, but we'll be on the road to cleaning it up because we will have provided
deprecation warnings letting people know about the coming changes.


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