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I just wanted to chip in that:

* I'm very happy a foundation has been announced. This is what I and others advocated for, starting in earnest after the castle sprint last year. This is a major step in the right direction. Thank you Zope Corporation! I also wish to thank Nuxeo in their active role in taking this further.

Some points I think we all agree on:

* We all agree that the Foundation should be vendor-neutral. Those of us in business, we're competing and cooperating at the same time, and the Foundation will need to be on the balance.

* We all agree that the Foundation should be about more than just vendors. To those of us who are independent, the Foundation needs to listen to their voice as well, not just the vendors. We have extremely significant contributors in the community who are vendor neutral. I need to mention only the authors of the two Zope 3 books currently published.

Now on a more personal note:

* I am confident that Zope Corporation will do the right thing. Time and time again I've found that Zope Corporation does listen. Let's all not forget this.

* From my perspective as a company co-owner: the Foundation should be vendor-friendly. We should accept that one of the reasons it exists is to help vendors sell Zope better. ("its future is assured in a foundation with N members"). This self interest is fine, as long as we can all cooperate in a fair way. (a state of self-interested cooperation is ideal, I'd say, in fact)

* It's important for all parties involved to reach clarity about the relationship of the Zope Foundation with existing foundations and initiatives within the Zope community. We dont want uncertainty and confusion and we want to *stimulate* initiatives by the community. The community is after all one of our greatest resources.

* From my perspective as a developer: I hope politics won't get into the way of development too much. We'll inevitably and necessarily have politics in the period leading up to the creation of the Foundation, to ensure everybody's interests are being looked after. We'll have some more after the Foundation has been formed. Let's try to stay out of the developers' hair. Many of them don't want to be involved in politics or cannot be on a personal basis as they work for a company. We don't want them worried or pressurized by all of this. Again, the community is one of our greatest resources.


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