Takahashi, Michael wrote:
Thanks for the help, I actually figured it out.  It turned out that
portal.portal_groups.getGroupById("staff").getGroupUsers() was the
solution.  However, the getGroupUsers() function returns a list of
users, but not as strings.  So I had to convert the entire call with
str() in order to run a comparison.

So in the end this is how I achieved what I needed:

portal.portal_membership.getAuthenticatedMember().getId() not in \

The 'getGroupUsers' is not a good idea in a CMF environment. You should use the methods from the group tools. Like the ones I mentioned by name. One of them even does exactly what you want::



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Takahashi, Michael wrote:

I'm trying to work on a function call using Python that will list the users of any specified group using the function portal_groups.

I've been able to successfully do this the opposite way by getting the

users groups via portal_membership:


Which will return all groups this user is associated with.

So I've been testing using portal_groups with function calls similar



Where "staff" is the name of the group. This almost does what I need, but not quite close enough because it lists all groups and all users.

Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated!

It acquires 'getUsers' from somewhere, I guess.

Group objects have 'getGroupMemberIds' and 'getGroupMembers' methods.
You can see this in Products.GroupUserFolder.GroupDataTool.GroupData.
the Products.GroupUserFolder.interfaces.portal_groupdata is a bit
cleaner, but seems a little behind the times, as it's missing

Note that this isn't a good topic for zope-dev, but more for


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