My hope is that, starting with Zope 2.9, the Zope 2 releases will,
like the Zope 3 releases, be built with zpkg.  zpkg is a system for
assembling components (basically packages) based on dependency information
and automatically creating python distutils-based distributions.  This
approach has some advantages and disadvantages:

+ Much more of the process is automated,

+ Binary releases can be built automaticall

- The releases include just Zope

- The binary releases install into Python -- meaning that only one
  release of Zope can be installed for a given Python release.

My thought for windows is that we'd provide a *simple* combined installer
that installs Python and Zope by invoking separate Python and Zope installers.

This won't affect Zope 2.8 and earlier versions of Zope 2.


Andreas Jung wrote:


Christian Theune, the current maintainer of the windows builds, announced to step down as maintainer. This means that this position is vacant.

So this is your chance to become famous :-)

To be honest, doing Zope releases is a bit of work and not always fun but it is work that has to be done by someone. So if you are interested and if you have the resources, raise your finger.

Since new Zope 2 releases are scheduled for October I would like to see this position filled asap. I will definitely continue on the source releases but I have not enough Windows know-how to do it myself. Since there are lot of *serious* Zope-on-Windows users I do expect that someone takes over this great job.

Having no volunteer for the Windows builds would mean that only source code releases would be available in the future. I'm fine with that but possibly not all Zope-on-Windows if you depend on Zope-on-Windows you should do something for your dependency to be fulfilled.



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