Dieter, my man!

> >Now, in our case, the object is an IndexableObjectWrapper, wrapping an
> >Acquisition wrapped object. So, aq_acquire will Acquicision wrap the
> >IndexableObjectWrapper, with the result that the object being used now
> >has no context!
> Really?


>    What is the "aq_parent" that was used when wrapping the object?

Eh, which one? The aq_chain of both the original aq wrapper and the
indexableobjectrapper is correct. The aq_chain of the "outside"
aq_wrapper is just [<self>]. Which seems expected, since aq_acquire
think it got an object without acquisition, right?

>    It is context of the "IndexableObjectWrapper".
>    The context of the indexable wrapped object does not change.


> >Then, it passes this to validate, who in turn passes it to allowed,
> >who check that the object has the users user folder in it's context.
> >
> >And it hasn't, because it has no context. *blam* You get an
> >AuthorizedError, and the object does not get indexed.
> Where does the context come from used when "aq_acquire" acquisition
> wrapped the "IndexableObjectWrapper"?

I don't think there is any context involved.

> The best way around such problems would probably by to make
> "IndexableObjectWrapper" a public class.


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