Victor Safronovich wrote:
Hello zope-dev!
I try to migrate my old database from zope 2.6.1.

 I  have Broken objects, but it is impossible to get its state in Zope 2.8.
 In Zope 2.6 Broken objects have states, what i uses to migrate its.
 I think this is because DB.classFactory is overrided to use
 OFS.Uninstalled.BrokenClass, which is bad persistent class.

 the __dict__ of all my Broken objects equals to {'_p_changed':None}.

 my_object._p_mtime does not load it`s state.

Could you tell me more about what you want to happen?

I'm not sure what was happening with state in Zope 2.7, despite the
fact that I wrote that code.  It would be helpful if you could
remind me what the behavior was.

In Zope 2.8, which is to ay ZODB 3.3 and later, the intent is that the
broken objects should provide access to the original state via
the attribute __Broken_state__.  I guess this state isn't being
loaded.  I'll write a test and fix as necessary to make sure it is.


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