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Tim Peters wrote:
> [Tim]
>>>I'm copying Fred because he may remember more about this than I do.
>>>Fred, do you know of a reason why I can't stitch a newer ZODB into
>>>Zope(2) trunk?  I have a dim, fading memory of the last attempt
>>>failing, and of agreeing in email to wait for the "5 guys" to "do
>>>something" before trying again.  Sorry for not being more specific ...
> [Fred]
>>We need to do the zpkg/ZODB switch all at once because it affects how
>>extensions get their include files.
> Aha!  That vaguely rings another vague bell ;-)  The ZODB 3.5+ source
> code spells "#include" in its C files in a different way, and that
> can't work with the way Zope trunk is currently built.
>>When I tried switching the Zope 2 trunk before, there was a problem due
>>to Five tests failing.  I don't remember the details, but the Five-folks
>>seemed to think things would be better with newer versions of Five.
>>Since Five development is done elsewhere, though, it's hard to tell what the
>>deal is with that.
> Can anyone working on Five comment here, please?  I gather that the
> first 2.9 beta release occurs in 2 weeks, and if Fred can't do his
> zpkgtools work, I can't update the trunk to a newer ZODB, and then
> Chris McDonough can't do his rework of mount points (the original
> topic of this thread), and then (best case) the world economy
> collapses.

What are we blocked on?  I know we expect to land a new version of Five
(1.3), which will be compatible with Zope 3.1+;  what I don't know is
why ZODB work is blocked on that.  Does the new ZODB stuff expect newer
stuff from Zope3 than is currently on the Zope2 trunk?  Or does the new
ZODB stuff break backward compatibility somehow?

>>I snapshotted what I did get done as the zpkg-build-branch, so we can get
>>back to it without duplicating work.
> So there's no reason yet to be depressed ;-)

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