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The "default" usecase for running tests should be a developer making
changes and running tests.  In this case, "silent" mode is unhelpful;
it gives no feedback until the very end of the run, which takes a
**long** time for the whole Zope2 tree.  The "dots" provided at
verbosity level one are good feedback for the developer:  they provide a
clue about how many tests have run, and give some chance of deducing
that the tests have hung.

Unless somebody has a compelling counter-argument, I will check in a
patch which makes verbosity level 1 ("dots") the default value.  People
who want quiet mode can always pass '-q'.


I prefer not to get output unless there is a problem.  I'm happy to
defer to others, but I personally prefer less output.

BTW, within the next week, I will be integrating the new test
runner into z2 and z3.  So if people agree with you and we decide that
the default verbosity level should be 1, then I'll do that when I
integrate the new runner. (I guess I'll have to add a quiet option
to cancel a default verbosity level.)


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