> [Chris Mattmann]
> >  Okay, I have reproduced the error even with Zope 2.8.2-final
> on win32. The
> > same PySECURITY_ATTRIBUTES object error appears even with 2.8.2. Any
> > ideas?
> Short of not using Plone <wink>, see this Collector item, which I
> expect is the same issue:
>     http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope/1925
> I believe what it says there.  Until Mark Hammond can make a new
> release of pywin32, you'll have to search for code that:
>     imports win32api [and] add a line above that: import pywintypes
> That's already been done in Zope.

Thanks Tim!

  FYI, there is a new pywin32 build out now that should solve this problem
without requiring any imports to be reordered.  It would be great if whoever
turns the crank for the next Zope/Windows builds (which may even turn out to
be me! :) uses build 205.

Sadly, I believe it is not trivial to install a new pywin32 build into a
Zope binary.  You could patch it up though by opening the pywin32 release
executable in WinZip (or similar), then replacing 'pywintypes.py' and
extracting a new "_win32sysloader.pyd" module.

Finally, I believe another way to solve this problem would be to remove
pywintypes23.dll from the system32 directory (the the underlying problem is
that 2 copies of this DLL are being loaded into memory).  However, doing
this may prevent other things (such as your existing Python installation)
from working correctly, so do this with caution.  Zope does not install
anything into system32, so presumably something else on your system is also
using Python.



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