yuppie wrote at 2005-10-27 14:45 +0200:
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>1.) 'action' key:
>I'd like to give empty 'action' values a special meaning: The meta_type 
>is not visible in the add drop down in the ZMI.
>The five:registerClass directive allows to set empty 'action' values.
>This would resolve http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope/1885 .
>Filtering out meta_types with empty 'action' values is a two line change 
>in main.dtml. I'd like to make that change also on the 2.8 branch to 
>enable that feature for 2.8.5 with Five 1.2.

We already have the "visibility" key. Why do we need
another (much obscurer) way to achieve the same thing?

> ...
>4.) related cleanup:
>Application.install_product has some backwards compatibility code for 
>products that have initialization code outside the 'initialize' method 
>of their __init__.py. This is deprecated at least for 5 years. I'd like 
>to add explicit deprecation warnings on the 2.8 branch and to remove 
>that code for Zope 2.9.

I hate that:

  While you might have the feeling that it were deprecated,
  'ZSQLMethods' still use part of the old style initialization
  (they have an "initialize" but still use "methods", "__ac_permissions__"
  and "__module_aliases__").

  And I occationally recommend these old style facilities.

  Having a warning period of 5 days (post on Oct 27; code freeze Nov 1)
  seems very short.

What about removing the code for Zope 2.10?

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