Jim Fulton wrote:
>> What changes are those? A fresh Zope trunk checkout works for me. Here's
>> what I did:
>>   $ svn co svn+ssh://[EMAIL PROTECTED]/repos/main/Zope/trunk
>> Zope-trunk
>>   $ cd Zope-trunk
>>   $ ./configure
>>   $ make
>> That worked for me (though I usually don't do the configure; make dance,
>> but just do an in-place build with python setup.py build -i; see also
>> below).
> You used to have to use "make instance" or "make inplace" to run the tests.
> These make commands no longer work.
> make inplace could probably be fixed by making it an alias for make build,
> since builds now seem to be in place.

Good idea.

>>> And I didn't manage to install Zope trunk to a different location.
>>> That seems to be completely screwed up.
>> "Not supported anymore" is the right wording here. Basically, the
>> "configure; make; make install" dance is going to go away for an SVN
>> checkout. A simple Makefile as we have it in Zope 3 that simply provides
>> shortcuts for in-place builds will probably replace it.
> I don't think that you or I have the authority to decide this.

You're quite right, I don't. I don't know what made me write this in
indicative. Sorry for that. When Fred and I brainstormed about which
implications a zpkg-based build for Zope 2 had, not being able to
install out-of-place was one. Therefore the above paragraph should
rather be read as a fact description, not an edict. IOW, rather than
saying we're not going to support it anymore, I should really have said
that the *current setup* doesn't support it which doesn't mean we can't
bring it back.

>> We're not even sure if the configure dance makes sense for a release
>> tarball. The only benefit of the ./configure script is that it
>> (presumably) chooses the right Python for you, which isn't always what
>> you want, anyways.
>> At least I do ./configure --with-python=... more than
>> half of the times. So I could just call python setup.py install with
>> whatever Python I want in the first place.
> It also lets you specify an install prefix.

python setup.py install --home=prefix let's you do that too.

> More importantly, it is a familiar model for unix systems.

True. It is an unfamiliar model for Python software, though. Anyways, I
don't think the ./configure script is the issue right now and I
certainly don't feel strongly about it.

> If you looked carefully at the log, you would have seen that it was doing
> "make inplace", which you could easily verify doesn't work anymore. :)

Ah, now I see it. I wasn't looking at the blue stuff on the top ;).

> Anyway, I've changed the buildbot setup to use just "make" and we are now
> getting successful builds and tests.


> BTW, in case the tone of this message comes accross as negative, as others
> have said, we all really appreciate all of the great work you've done on
> getting Five 1.3 done and on getting Z3.2 into Z2!

Thanks. I have to apologize for landing these features on the trunk
without giving people a heads-up, though. I was eager to meet the
feature-freeze deadline and didn't think about all the implications.

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