Am Freitag, den 04.11.2005, 08:42 +0700 schrieb Thanh Hải, Hà:
> 2005/11/3, Jens Vagelpohl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>: 
>         No it is not. And doing that opens up security risks. You need
>         to
>         write a Python product or external method.
>         jens
>  Is there an example of how to implement it in external method or
> python product?

Lukily zope prevents people with too less knowledge from schooting
themself in their feet. If you really want to do that, you go for
the docs. It isnt that hard but writing to the filesystem thru
the web has some (security) cerveats.

I'd recommend 
to get some grip on python.

tells you about Files. You should know your fileupload object
in REQUEST is also just a file. I'd recommend reading and
writing it in chucks to avoid loading it into memory.

An external method (see zope book) is just a file
with (at least one) function definition where
the first argument should be "self" in this case 
you have access to context via self.

Now good luck!

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