Hi Philipp!

Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Log message for revision 39903:
  - converted interface to z3 interface.

  D   Zope/trunk/lib/python/AccessControl/IUserFolder.py

I think we should maybe leave the Zope 2 interfaces around for at least
one release. People with custom user folder implementations might have
imported this old Zope 2 interface. This change will break their products.

In general I agree. But IStandardUserFolder in IUserFolder.py wasn't a Zope 2 interface. It was a quite useless base class. If any custom user folder subclasses from that class - which I don't believe - removing that base class is all that has to be done to fix that product.

But if people think we should anyway give a warning first I'm fine with re-adding that file on the trunk.

By the way, thanks for converting many interfaces to Zope 3 ones. For
the Zope 2 ones that we're keeping around for a little while before
throwing them out, have you thought about issuing deprecation warnings?
zope.deprecation provides a very nice and easy to use framework for
this. See zope.i18nmessageid/__init__.py for an example.

Thanks for that hint. I'll follow up to this in a separate mail within the next few days.



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