Dave Coe wrote:
I am hoping that someone can help me with how to
construct a POST request in a python script. I tried searching the
older messages, but post and get are such common
terms, that I didn't have much luck.

This all feels amazingly clunky, but then you are using dtml, so that's to be expected. And you should probably be posting to zope@zope.org, since zope-dev is for development OF, not WITH Zope.

I have a DTML Document with a form.  Right now, it
calls a DTML method that stores data in the database. What I am trying to do is insert a python script in between the two to do some data processing.

So have the form submit to the python script and have the python script call the ZSQL method:

# whatever munging you want
x = y + 1 + context.REQUEST.get('something')
return 'thanks, done!'



incorrect). In any event, I would like to construct a
POST request in the python script instead and then
call RESPONSE.redirect().  Can this be done?

No, you can't redirect a POST using a 302 response, especially if you want to process along that way. That's http ;-)

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