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Patrick Gerken wrote:
> 2005/11/12, Florent Guillaume <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>>+1 on the general goals, however I have no idea if it's easy to implement.
>>>Does this sound reasonable to make the behaviour of opening the ports
>>>configurable? Does anybody have an idea how hard this would be to do?
> I was curious and tried it. Sadly the patches are against 2.7.8, but
> the patches itself are relative small and should be easy to apply. I
> did not write unittests. I just wanted to invest 5 minutes to see how
> it can be done, and suddenly could not stop finishing it. If somebody
> reminds me of it in two or three weeks, I will make patches against
> current with unit tests.

Wonderful.  I've opened a collector issue for this:  can you upload your
patches there, please:


> I am not happy with how I implemented the listening delay. patching
> the listen method to only listen when the configuration says
> fast_listen is not good. but otherwise I would have to patch the
> medusa sources itself. If this is feasible I can do it, is medusa
> maintained here or in another project?

The medusa we use in Zope is the only "live" version I know of;  we have
made changes to it (a very few) since Sam Rushing quit updating the
canonical version.

> To configure it, add a fast_listen False to the <http-server> section
> in  your config.

Very nice hack!

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