Hi All,

We all know that ideally we should have no ConflictErrors happening in our apps, but of course, that's often not the case ;-)

Firstup, some questions about what gets logged for ConflictErrors, here's a line from one of our event logs:

2005-11-17T08:00:27 INFO(0) ZODB conflict error at /some_uri
(347 conflicts since startup at 2005-11-08T17:56:20)

What is this telling me?
Did the user actually see a ConflictError page?
Or was this error successfully resolved?
What object did this ConflictError occur on and/or how can I modify my our Zope instances to find out where the conflict was occurring?

Now, when should the number of ConflictErrors logged in this way start to become worrying?

I analysed the logs from our cluster and we're getting about 450 conflict errors in our busiest hours when the cluster of 8 ZEO clients is taking about 11,000 hits in that hour.

Is this 'bad'? If so, where should I start to make things better?

All feedback greatfully received, especially if people have been in similar situations...



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